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Isuzu Kelowna is your new and used Isuzu dealership in British Columbia. We are one of the outstanding dealerships that belong to the renowned Bannister Automotive Group. We service customers all over British Columbia including Kelowna, Vernon, Kamloops, Penticton, and Merritt. So we are the people to ask if you are looking for a powerful and durable truck for your business needs. Isuzu Kelowna’s main focus is providing a solution to its customers who are looking for productive and versatile commercial trucks and at Isuzu Kelowna, the answer i simple Isuzu.

Whether your business focuses on transporting cargo or equipment, you can always rely on our powerful and technologically advanced Isuzu trucks to help you get the job done efficiently. And if you have any questions about Isuzu trucks, you don’t need to spend countless hours on the internet looking for an answer, just ask our knowledgeable staff members, and we will be willing to help you find what you are looking for. So whether you are interested in owning a new or used N-Series or F-series truck, you learn more at Isuzu Kelowna and also get a quote from us. So in a nutshell, we offer quality commercial trucks and customer service.

New Vehicles at Isuzu Kelowna

Isuzu Kelowna is not only the place where you can request a quote on Isuzu trucks, it’s also the place where you can learn more about these powerful medium duty trucks. In many ways, driving a commercial truck is quite different from driving any other vehicle and additionally Isuzu uses groundbreaking technologies to ensure their trucks remain productive and durable. So at Isuzu Kelowna, one of our main priorities is to educate owners and show them how to efficiently operate Isuzu N-Series and F-series commercial trucks. And this is also your opportunity to learn more about the different trucks options available.

Explore Our Finance Department

What’s the point of selling commercial trucks if they are not affordable for the people who really need them? At Isuzu Kelowna, we want to give small and medium-sized enterprises the opportunity to take their businesses to the next level. And that’s the reason why we offer financial and leasing services. All you need to do is send in your online credit application and we will take it from there. With our flexible financing plans and payments terms, you will see that investing in one of Isuzu’s commercial trucks is definitely worth it all. It’s so simple, just apply for credit today!

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