Leadership development program


In this program we cover what leadership is and what it isn’t, as well as emotional intelligence, mindset, mindfulness, team building, collaboration, and much more.

With intention, we’ve designed this program to simultaneously develop leadership skills along with personal health and well-being. We believe that as we grow on a personal level, our professional selves and careers naturally evolve as well.

On the business side, our goal with this program is to help our leaders with retention, engagement, productivity, teamwork, and customer satisfaction index (CSI) ratings.


At Bannister Automotive Group, we know that our people are our secret weapon and driving force, and we believe in consistently investing in them to show them how much they are valued.

We pride ourselves in the fulfilment of our long-term team members, and actively seek ways to help them unlock new levels of success in all areas of their lives, in turn creating a more engaging culture and experience for our clients.

In this first phase of the Bannister Leadership Development Program, our team members were able to remove limiting beliefs, shift perspectives, create new insights, become more empowered and confident, reduce stress levels, and come to work an even better leader.


Interested in joining the Leadership Development Program or are interested in more information? Reach out to your department manager to get enrolled in our next program.